The RR Hotels Group is committed to the environment and sustainability.

As such, we are determined to reduce the impact that hotel activity has on the environment by investing in equipment and strategies that generate a more rational use of natural resources and energy during the day-to-day activities of customers, employees and suppliers.

Our hotel group has implemented and is committed to continually develop measures to conserve natural resources, with the main focus on the following aspects:


We have installed solar panels that provide us with up to 70 per cent of the energy used to heat the water. The lamps are LED and activated by motion sensors. In the bedrooms, the electricity is activated via your key card.


The taps have flow reducers and in the public toilets they are activated by sensors. The gardens are equipped with automatic irrigation. Surplus water from irrigation and rain is reused in the green areas. The swimming pool system allows water to be reused and treated.


We have ecological islands where you can separate waste, including reusable cups. These are sorted, sanitised in the dishwasher at high temperatures and put back into use. Used cooking oil, batteries, ink cartridges and other end-of-life equipment are collected by certified companies that promote their recovery.


Employees are made aware of the need to adopt good practices in waste management, saving water, electricity and paper. We are also committed to buying food and other goods from local producers and suppliers. We also invite you to follow our environmental policies via the QR Code that you can find in our RR Hotels Group units.

It is essential that we all contribute to protecting our planet by taking an active role in preserving the environment.