Politique "Dog Friendly" (en anglais)
(en anglais)

Hotel policy for dog access at RR Hotel da Rocha

Partial access to the hotel is allowed to small dogs up to 15 kilos, with the areas of permanence duly identified.

A maximum of 1 dog per room, assigned to the guest/owner’s booking, is allowed.

Guide dogs, regardless of their weight and size, are allowed access to all areas of the hotel, equipped with a harness/leash and properly identified.

The dog should have the following requirements:

  • Microship;
  • A pet identification document - up to 120 days after birth - or a pet passport or a health certificate.
  • License;
  • Vaccination card with complete vaccination and deworming;
  • Public liability insurance (in the case of dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs).

During check-in and while circulating in the hotel, the dog must always be kept on a short leash or properly secured, next to the guest/owner in all the perimeter of the Hotel (interior and exterior space), except when the dog remains in the room allocated to the guest/owner’s reservation.


The guest/owner must be accompanied, during the stay, by the dog’s documentation and provide it whenever requested.

The dog must be properly trained and with total obedience to the guest/owner.

Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, bar, swimming pool and other social areas of the Hotel. This does not apply to guide dogs properly identified.

Any alteration in the dog’s behaviour, such as: yelping, barking or consecutive barking, must be limited, in order to ensure the legitimate rest and comfort of the guests and/or other customers of the Hotel.

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • Leave the dog alone in the room;
  • Leave the dog unattended in the car;
  • Bathe the dog in the Hotel bathrooms;
  • Use the room linen in the Hotel for the dog’s hygiene;
  • Make use of the bed or any furniture in the room for the dog.

The guest/owner should contact Reception to arrange a convenient time for the Hotel to proceed with the cleaning of the room.

The dog must be on a leash, or properly secured and/or muzzled during cleaning operations and/or during the access of any Hotel employee to the room.


The guest/owner is responsible for all property damage and/or personal injury resulting from the behaviour or action of the dog.

The guest/owner agrees to exclude the Hotel, owners, employees, guests and/or other customers from any responsibility for any damages resulting from direct and/or indirect action related to the dog.

The guest/owner agrees to reimburse the Hotel, owners, employees, guests and/or other customers, for damages resulting from direct and/or indirect action related to and/or performed by their dog.

The guest/owner is responsible for the hygiene and cleaning of the excrements of the respective dog, in all the exterior and interior perimeter of the Hotel, as well as the food of the animal, and must be accompanied during the stay by food and bowls for the dog.


The Hotel reserves the right to:

    • Charge directly on the guest/owner’s account the amount proportional to the cost of damages (personal and material) caused by the dog;;
  • Define the rooms/types to be allocated in this specific case;
  • Refuse entry and stay to dogs which, due to their characteristics (dangerous or potentially dangerous), behaviour, lack of hygiene or disease, disturb the normal operation of the unit, as well as in the absence of documentation accompanying the dog;
  • Suspend, in the event of non-compliance with the established policy, the dog’s access/stay to the unit.

A supplement for the dog’s stay of 20 €/night applies.


Due to the impossibility of leaving the dog alone in the suites, even during mealtimes, the Hotel da Rocha offers the following solution(s):

BREAKFAST (applicable to Breakfast and Half Board accommodation regime):

  • The guest(s)/owner(s) may request the continental breakfast in the suite with exemption of the Room Service fee.

DINNER (applicable to the Half Board accommodation regime):

  • The guest(s)/owner(s) may request the dinner in the suite, with exemption of the Room Service, under the following conditions:
    . Orders must be placed directly to the restaurant between 7pm and 10pm;
    . From the buffet of the day the guest can choose: a) 1 soup; b) 1 mixed or simple salad; c) 1 main course (fish or meat); d) dessert (sweet or fruit);
    . Drinks will be charged at the price shown on the restaurant’s menu.