Your well-being as our priority!

At the Hotel da Rocha you have at your disposal a small and welcoming exclusive and free gym where you can keep fit, with treadmills to activate your cardiovascular system, as well as weights to practice strength exercises.

Complementing this, in the same area of the hotel, is our massage room, a service available on request, where you can relax with a variety of treatments carried our professionals. You can also invigorate yourself by taking a dip in our swimming pool and enjoying a cocktail or natural juice at the poll bar.

But the well-being concept in the hotel is not only restricted to physical activity, if our comfortable mattresses assure a peaceful night’s sleep, our meals also provide healthy options, with a breakfast area especially dedicated to natural food and the dinner offering vegetarian options.

Outside there’s plenty to choose from too, and just opposite of the hotel is the stunning Praia da Rocha, where you can exercise, go for a walk along the promenade or take a stroll to the magnificent Portimão Marina.

You can also contact reception to find out the various activities available in the region for you and your family.