NoSoloÁgua Beach Club

Everything you need to enjoy the summer!

At the same time cosmopolitan and breathtakingly natural, the Algarve can be experienced in a more serene or vibrant way, depending on your mood or preference.

At NoSoloÁgua Portimão, a selected Club complemented by a relaxed and exotic restaurant and beach facilities, you can enjoy the magnificent Algarve weather and experience the best of summer.

When you enter NoSoloÁgua Piscina, you immediately realise that the atmosphere is special, as this selective and differentiated leisure area. Around a superb saltwater pool, several sunbeds invite you to relax. Between a couple of glasses of champagne, a dip in the pool will open your appetite for a light meal.

NoSoloÁgua Praia, on the other hand, is more geared towards leisure and entertainment, featuring orientl-inspired decor, with wooden beds and sofas, and Buddhas and Ganeshas from Bali that transport you on a journey of emotions. Relaxation is the keyhword here, whether you’re taking a refreshing dip or dancing with your feet on the sand while enjoying a signature cocktail.

Throughout the day, there are many different options to offer, and if you’re a fan of livelier atmospheres, you’ll find sunsets with DJs and night parties with the latest musical trends, dance shows or live music, entertainment that only a venue with these characteristics and know-how can provide.

There is also an activity that is sure to delight the little ones, the incredible inflatable water park, conveniently located right on the beach. This unique and invigorating experience promises fun for the whole family.

Let’s experience the best of summer?

Some suggestions:
sunbeds and champagne by the pool;
• dancing on the sand and while savouring a tasty cocktail;
Sunset & night parties, live music and dance shows;
Inflatable water park for the whole family.

How to book:
Contact our Concierge Service at Reception.